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Hope for the Holidays


“You have no idea the difference you have made in my life, in my children’s lives, and in my children’s children’s lives. You are making a difference for generations.’ — Siava

Your gift today can help spread grace and hope this holiday season to battered women and children by providing safe shelter, recovery programs, and other life-changing care.

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Read What’s Happened to Siava Since Leaving Shepherd’s Gate

It’s been seven years since Siava left Shepherd’s Gate. Seven years and her eyes still fill up with tears as she thinks back on how her life has changed because of friends like you.

When Siava first arrived at Shepherd’s Gate with her two young boys they were desperately trying to escape domestic violence. Her husband had been physically and verbally abusive to her for years. She still remembers waking up one morning and feeling the right side of her face. Her cheek and jaw were both swollen from where her husband had punched her the night before.

Siava knew that it was just a matter of time before he started beating her children, and she needed to rescue them from that life.

Thankfully, God intervened when Siava needed Him most. He led her and her two boys to Shepherd’s Gate, where they could finally sleep safely and feel free from abuse.

“When I got to Shepherd’s Gate, I no longer felt so alone in my brokenness. There were other hurting women there. Then the staff were so loving—they not only made us feel loved, but I always felt that they wanted us to do good, to succeed,” Siava shared.

Siava joined the recovery program and began gaining essential skills and tools to help her change her life. When she graduated, she was able to move to an apartment, find a job, and raise her family. The help she received at Shepherd’s Gate enabled her to be independent and successful!

Siava has since remarried to a wonderful Christian man, who has embraced her family as his own. God has blessed her with three sons, all of whom are happy and thriving. She now shares her testimony to help others, and is grateful for the grace and hope that she found at Shepherd’s Gate!

What Does Giving Grace Look Like?

The women and children at Shepherd’s Gate receive life-changing care that will enable them to heal and lead independent lives after they graduate. But none of that is possible without the help of friends like you! When you give a gift, you provide these women with so much more than just food, shelter and basic necessities. You provide the following:

  • Job and skills training
  • Parenting classes
  • Budgeting and financial classes
  • Bible studies
  • Counseling and case management
  • Childcare for the kids
Over 80% of the women who graduate never return to the abuse, addiction or homelessness they left behind. They live transformed lives, full of grace and hope!